2012 June 1st Week#FavoriteSong – Falling Flower (낙화/落花) by M.I.B.

It’s Monday today, my desk is piled up with papers, tons of stuff to do, really, there’s a lot of things I have to do instead… but, I can’t just resist making this post.

I have this song on repeat for days… no, I think for weeks ever since I have a copy of the song, I love it the first time I heard it. Without even knowing what it means… Today, I was able to find time to search for its lyrics and was able to stumble on the video below which makes it irresistible to post.

Falling Flower by M.I.B.

Credit: @youtube

The Intro of the song is totally captivating, it makes you want to listen to the full song. It is what caught me. Continue reading