Bigbang Quiz #1: Who will you choose if…

[Edit = “Disclaimer:  I did not make this Quiz.” ]

I’ts QUOTED from  (cimechang @ Nov 19 2009, 04:45 PM) @ soompi

I really find this FUN and not funny… but it makes me laugh at some point.. Oh how I wish… And I thought I’ll prefer TOP all the way… Guess who is my TOP Scorer.

Which Bigbang member do you like in these situations:

1. When I fall and hurt myself
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who gives me a piggy back ride to the hospital
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who makes fun of me because I fell
c. Dong Young- Bae, who runs to go buys medication
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who helps me get home
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who asks if it hurts a lot and blows on the place where it hurts

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