My Korean Icon Contest

What do you think of when you hear the word “Korea”?

Lots of things come to my mind when I hear the word “Korea”… the country, food, culture, Korean dramas, KPop music, Korean actors and actresses, Korean artists and many more. One thing is for sure, I want to visit Korea. I want to step foot in Korean ground, eat Korean food and experience Korean culture.

Actually, one of the contest mechanics is to choose an Icon from PSY’s Wiki Korea Dictionary to write about when answering the question above. I came to know about this contest 2 weeks ago but didn’t know what icon to choose. Should I choose Haeundae because, it is a famous beach located in Busan where my heart lies? Kekeke… I’m a BIG fan of CNBLUE and my favorite members are all of them but the Busan Brothers Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun are like magnets… I am incredibly attracted to them.

Just today when I came to PSY’s Wiki Korea Dictionary and clicked on the icon Samgyeopsal, a memory came to mind… which gave me an idea on what to write as my contest entry. I thought at first that this might be embarrassing, revealing my ignorance… but so be it.

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Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.. How I started?

I’m not fond of social networking sites like twitter and facebook before… I find it somewhat a hassle, that’s from someone who haven’t even tried. I have a friendster account at that time and I’m so addicted to forums. When I go online, I login to forums or check my friendster account.

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#wwlyna Must Watch Drama: 49 Days / Pure Love

49 Days is a drama that defines what Pure Love is. When I watched the drama, its not really romantic at all. I don’t get the “kilig” or “sweet excitement” between couples… but you could feel the Love in them. I thought that love exist in Happiness.  and Joy. It’s the first time I realize that Love exist in Pain and Sadness also. I know Love takes in many form. But, I never recognize or acknowledge its existence in Pain and Sadness. Love truly is painful. It is… even scary. Continue reading

Scene #1: The Comfort of Silence

Have you ever experience being with someone where you are both communicating silently? No words, no actions. Just silence.

It’s that moment where you seem to understand each other without the need of saying it. In that silence, you find comfort and connection with the person you are with. Sometimes, during such moment, you get to realize something important. How much the presence of that person means to you? Continue reading

[Opinion] G’s Reflection Part 2: G-Dragon’s “A Boy”

Picture Spam of G-Dragon when he is still young… ^_^
Please let me know if there’s a pic that I included and it wasn’t G-Dragon.
Disclaimer: I do not own all pictures that are posted here. Credit as labeled. If without label, credits goes to its owner, you know who you are.

He Looks so Cute..

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Is this Ji Yong? Doesn’t look like him so I’m not sure.. nyahaha

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[Opinion] G’s Reflection Part 1: “G-Dragon is GAY! “

This is my entry for TKPA’s bLog contest.
Some of you may hate this but this is simply my opinion. Some of this couldn’t be true. No! It shouldn’t be true.

Disclaimer: All pictures that are posted here are not mine. Credits goes to the owner of the photos, you know who you are. To mention, I got my sources most from the following: POPSEOUL, BIGBANGKOREAN, KJPOPBANDS, ALLKPOP, SEOULBEATS, SOOMPI and 88NEWS.

Okay… Here it goes…


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