Songs you should Listen to and awesome Music Videos released in April 2011!

I haven’t made a post recently. These past few days after watching GLEE Season 2 with the episode where they showcase songs from Bruno Mars album Doo Woops & Hooligans, I’ve been replaying Bruno Mars album every morning. Yes, the moment I wake up, I play his songs. My favorite songs in his albums are Just the Way You Are, Count On Me, Marry You, Somewhere in Brooklyn, Runaway, and Who Is. I’ve never liked too many songs in 1 album except CNBLUE’s ThankU and First Step. Bruno Mars is totally awesome. I like his type of songs, brings back old memories and the likes. I also like Katy Perry‘s Firework, the lyrics is full of meaning but I haven’t listened to her whole album yet.

I’ve been looking for new songs to listen to. And just this April, 3 songs with Awesome Music Videos have been released. Since I Love those 3 songs very much, I vowed myself am going to make a post about it. Yes, those  3 songs deserves a post. Let’s find out what songs are they. Continue reading


With regards to G-Dragon’s Controversy, Aimee Lee Lucas finally Speaks up!

Once pictures like the one posted above hit the internet, it cause outrage.  It become a HOT issue in South Korea that this month, their Ministry of Health and Welfare requested the crown attorney’s office to investigate G-Dragon’s concert because he sang the restricted songs in question.  If G-Dragon loses the case, he will have to pay up to at least a $5,000 fine and serve at least a year in prison.  His fans, including those who were at the concert, have started a petition in support of the pop star and the case is still pending.  YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s label, released an apology but otherwise no one involved with the incident has spoken about what happened.  Until now.

So when Aimee performed the “Breathe” number with G-Dragon and the aforementioned stand-up bed, it was just another normal bit. She flew back to L.A. the morning after the last concert thinking all was normal but by the time she landed, the controversy had broken out all over the internet in Korea.

I was shocked when I heard what was happening” Aimee says. “We performed two shows on a Saturday and Sunday. All the VIPs and big people came out on Saturday and no one said anything. During rehearsals, no one told us we were going too far and should hold back. So the reaction was surprising.”

So here’s Aimee’s explanation of what happened: Continue reading

Exclusive Chat Interview with Aimee Lucas

Note: This is a Long Chat Interview. I think we’ve chatted for more than an hour, haven’t we? am not sure… I hope you will enjoy reading our conversation cause I did. It was like chatting with a close friend. =) Thanks a lot Aimee for everything! Anyway, I would like to ask the readers to PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES FROM HERE. Unless, you don’t know how to respect this request >_<… or you may ask permission from me and especially from Aimee. You may re-post the parts where she talks about YG Family (it’s text). Pretty please (with cherry on top) link me back in your site. Thank you!

*This photo was taken by Ricky. Photoshop by me.

There is this girl that sparks YG family fans all over the world. From Big Bang Music Video “Number 1”, to Taeyang’s First Concert , so on and so forth. Recently, she performed with G-Dragon for his First Concert “Shine a Light”. If you still don’t have any idea who she is, shame on you… LOL. Just continue reading to get to know her.

Basically, we know Aimee Lee Lucas for her dancing skills.  But have you ever wondered what’s behind this sexy lass with incredible dancing skills? Well, without further ado, let’s get to know her more… Continue reading

[Opinion] Breathtaking SBS Gayo Daejun Performances

Lee Seung Gi really rocks the stage with MJ’s Smooth Criminal. This is one of my favorite perf since it showed an unexpected side of him. It’s really refreshing to see something different from what we usually perceived him to be.  Watch him do some MJ dance moves that we thought he could never pull off. But man, it just proves that he could really dance!

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