Going the Distance once in a Blue Moon

I know this is kinda late post already. But, I owe my blog this. ^^

The title “Going the Distance once in a Blue Moon” is inspired by the movie “Going the Distance” starring Drew Barrymore. ^^ According to free dictionary, ‘go the distance‘ means “to do the whole amount; to play the entire game; to run the whole race” and ‘once in a blue moon” means “very seldom“. Why did I choose such title?  Continue reading


My Korean Icon Contest

What do you think of when you hear the word “Korea”?

Lots of things come to my mind when I hear the word “Korea”… the country, food, culture, Korean dramas, KPop music, Korean actors and actresses, Korean artists and many more. One thing is for sure, I want to visit Korea. I want to step foot in Korean ground, eat Korean food and experience Korean culture.

Actually, one of the contest mechanics is to choose an Icon from PSY’s Wiki Korea Dictionary to write about when answering the question above. I came to know about this contest 2 weeks ago but didn’t know what icon to choose. Should I choose Haeundae because, it is a famous beach located in Busan where my heart lies? Kekeke… I’m a BIG fan of CNBLUE and my favorite members are all of them but the Busan Brothers Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun are like magnets… I am incredibly attracted to them.

Just today when I came to PSY’s Wiki Korea Dictionary and clicked on the icon Samgyeopsal, a memory came to mind… which gave me an idea on what to write as my contest entry. I thought at first that this might be embarrassing, revealing my ignorance… but so be it.

SAM-GYEOP-SAL Continue reading

ReLiving Big Bang ALIVE Galaxy Tour 2012 @ Manila, Philippines – The 1st K-Pop Concert I’ve attended

I can hardly remember anything from the concert, 2 hours and 30 minutes “something” seems like a second when it was over. Really, it is. Before I rambled what happen that night which is like a dream or a blissful moment for me. Please take a look at the photos on slideshow below. ^^ Continue reading

An anime which I want to have a Live Action drama – Sakamichi no Apollon / Kids on the Slope

Sakamichi no Apollon

Sakamichi no Apollon is a Japanese manga series by Yuki Kodama. It has been adapted into an anime television series subtitled Kids on the Slope in 2012. (Source: wikipedia.org)

I haven’t read the manga but I just watched the anime recently. While watching, I can’t help but wish for a Live Action drama, and I wish it will be produced by South Korea. Junichi, Kaoru and Sentaro are good-looking based on my perception. So, I really wish those who will bear those characters matches my expectation with regards to looks. I already have umm actors and actresses who I deemed fit to play the characters… ^^ Find it out below! ^^

#wwLyna Fangirl’s Wish List

I’ve always been thinking of posting this. But then, I hardly had time to gather my thoughts and make a post on it. LOL. I hope with this attempt, I will be able to make a post and published it soon. *fingers crossed*

I am a big K-Pop fan. It started way back 2009. Girl group 2NE1 drive me to where I am now. Yes, and its all because of Sandara Park. I would like to enclose all my wishes and dreams of the other part of me, the fangirl within me, Lyna. Below are my wishes, maybe not all, since it usually adds up as time passes. We might have similarities, or differences. Please check it out below:

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My Love for CNBLUE

My Love for CNBLUE have brought to many places (virtually) and made me do a lot of things I didn’t imagine I could.

The photo above is my entry in an event hosted by CNBLUE at their Official Facebook Page. Sadly, I didn’t win. But its okay. ^^

My Love for CNBLUE connects me to myself, friends, and the whole world… as I’ve stated in the photo above. How? Continue reading

Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.. How I started?

I’m not fond of social networking sites like twitter and facebook before… I find it somewhat a hassle, that’s from someone who haven’t even tried. I have a friendster account at that time and I’m so addicted to forums. When I go online, I login to forums or check my friendster account.

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