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[FanFic] Dear Teacher Chap.1: First Day High

Dara woke up early and cautiously prepared her outfit. She really had trouble picking out what to wear today. She ended up putting on white long-sleeves polo and dark-blue slacks. She checks herself in the mirror and puts on dark-rim eyeglasses. She said to herself, “I look formal… like a teacher, right?” then smiled before going out from her apartment. Before she put on her shoes, she went back to her room and changes her slacks with black tight-fitting jeans. She is still not comfortable wearing slacks. Checking her outfit at the mirror again, she put on a smile before leaving her room.

At the entrance gate of Sungkyunkwan High School. Dara looked up at the signage that crowned the gate. She smiled and murmured, “The sky looks bright, a good sign that today will go well.” She closed her eyes and silently prayed. Suddenly, someone bumped into her, sending all her things flying everywhere then ended up on the floor. She opened her eyes and quickly searched for the person who collided with her. A guy wearing a headband with a smirk on his face looked at her. The guy mockingly said, “Ya! What are you doing here in the middle of the gate dreaming? Wake up girl!”, then jogs toward the school building. Continue reading


[FanFic] Dear Teacher

Main Cast:

  • 2NE1 Sandara Park as Teacher Dara
  • CNBLUE Minhyuk as Minhyuk
  • CNBLUE Jungshin as Jungshin
  • SNSD Seohyun as Seohyun
  • B1A4 Shinwoo as Shinwoo
  • B1A4 Jinyoung as Jinyoung
  • MissA Suzy as Suzy

Other Cast: 2NE1 Minji, Bigbang Seungri, Shinee Taemin, Bigbang TOP

Sungkyunkwan High School recently became a co-ed school. Since the female student’s population was still a minority, the school administration brought in female teachers to correlate with the female students.  Continue reading