Since I’m planning to delete my friendster because I’m not updating it anymore and… its not a personal account anymore. I’m still having second thoughts on whether to delete it or not because I want to hold on to these testimonials. I wanted to keep these testimonials from my REAL friends. Check out the dates. *sniff* I miss them all. I didn’t edit anything in their testimonials except for those private stuff that I have to delete. LOL. Will have it translated when I have the time and mood. LOLs. I hope this will help you get to know me more. If you’re curious of who they are, just click in their names. You may leave a testimonial about me here also. ^_^

gaLTookieSan12/18/2003 5:04 am

hehehe..sori i slighted you. wasn’t all me that did it..i swear.

actuali, this girl has been my acquaintance and friend since elementary..(ows?)we got connected bcoz of boys..(hahai..twas diff. back den) well, colyn has her way of makin ppl laugh, cry, cringe, hate, love…but it’s all good, i mean, y dnt i be honest? she’s a good person kya lang (me na nkkaalam sum things bout her..)i love this person despite her shortcomings…luv u lyn! mwah! tikir always! GOd Bless You friend!

twinx01/03/2004 9:09 am

1st tym i saw her i said na mgkacnbot me ana nga bae nagng totoo lht ng hula ko..but u know wat mabait,undrstndng (nmn),nd madldl super(kac sinasabi nya lht ng mga crush nya at kng ano pa dyan),masya ksma di ka mabored..U prha kmi ng hilig sa badminton..parti din kmi nglalro ng car racing kac  masaya..hehehehahahaU tinutulngn din nya ko pgmay kilangn ko sa knya..sumtyms “kuripot”(kac may chinese blood cya)careful kayo mga guys!!di ito basta2..U dpt naa koy gift ani te hah! kay chada kaayo pgkabuhat..hehehe

ingats olwes..luv yah ka bmate..U

GreteL01/07/2004 7:13 am

carolyn!.. hmmm… she’s one friend i can never forget.. eventhough i don’t call often.. the thought of her crosses my mind everytime i’m in gingoog…. i have lots of memories with this girl.. from the barbie dolls to the bikings and to boy talks!.. sus! i remember it all pa jud!..=) hehehe..

Usted cuida de. El dios bendice!

poochie01/13/2004 5:44 pm
The girl who laughs a lot…haha..thats one thing that i will never forget and i will always miss about Carolyn..she brightens my day with her smile and her playful stories…i’ll never forget stories about her crushes..haha..i’ve shared wonderful moments with this girl..guy trippings,outings,swimming, lakwatcha,or just simply talking about life…hay…those were the days…miss u carolyn…love u…
naThaLiE01/16/2004 9:46 pm
we used to call her COOLYN!! as the name suggests talagang cool masyado yan cya!! masayahin pero minsan sumpungin..some of those pips na di talga cya kilala naweweirdohan.. pro hoizz!! u pips dnt juz gv judgments right away!! kilalanin nyo muna, pag kilala nyo na then tska na kayo magsalita!!! ingats u coolyn!!!
Jeremy01/17/2004 3:01 am

what’s this, a fan mail?Pwede na rin. Coolyn, sign me up in your books! you are very kind and gracious and i am witness to your deep longing for kindness for all your friends.

To readers: Yup, she lives up to her name and is one of my seven barkadas in philo class. never underestimate her because i can assure you that there are only a handful of girls I’ve met who can be as noble as her heart. she hates oppressive and discriminating people. that makes the two of us. she’s very friendly and is sensitive (kaayo). she takes in a lot so I suggest you all handle her with care ^__^. if ever I hear about her being hurt by anyone, I shall bring a curse unto the culprit!

Ak votarva zidra e lash ak shinamakt shin votarva.

KenG01/17/2004 4:42 am
c colyn is known as very talkative…filing ko nga hindi xa nauubusan ng stories,pamin malingaw ako makinig sa knya lalo sa luvlyf nya…super helpful xa lalo  pagdating sa computer works ko…hindi xa maramot…msaya din xang kasama…
JeRny01/17/2004 9:41 pm

carolyn is loring.. mra man gud sha lukaret usahay kay her mouth would just start to blab and there is no stopping it.. she is seldomly cantankerous.. ayha ra kung mura na xag maburos sa kaulit.. ehehehe.. ;p she’s a frank person.. quebs siya sa people kung ayaw nya ito.. she’a a good leader and she is affluent. honest! kung muabot na iyang kwarta, 1-day millionaire kaayo ni bataa ni! haha!! she abhors garbage stenches and makes sure that her room is always presentable. i like her cuz se7en din fave num nya.. pero yoko parin maki share!! hohoho!! oist! count your testi’s ngani.. ika se7en ko!!

wahahaha!! @U@

Paolo Angelo01/23/2004 11:38 pm
si carolyn ok kasama…matalino, msayahin, pretty, though hindi kami gaano ka-close but i knew her coz were in the same skul during h.s….very friendly pah…hehehe
Dulce02/03/2004 12:24 am

C-A-R-O-L-Y-N is that kind of gurl that you’ll enjoy hanging around with because she’s full of enthusiasm and charm equipped with wits and kakulitan. Hehehe. Yeah, not to mention tabian. Lols. Kwelang kasama… lalo na kung inlove. Hahaha. Nakakaloka ang daming crushes nyan. Hmmm.. di ko na nga maalala e kung sino-sino. I wonder sino na nman kaya pinagkakaabalahan nyan ngayon? Mmmm… *eyebrows raised* Basta there was this incident, that we have to make a detour pa just to see the face of his crush. My God! Hahaha. Lingnaw jud. We are the number one fan of Kenshin (Samurai X) and ofcourse to … Fafa Pa–tooot–ss … Remember the cheering squad at the gym?

Hehehe. Miss those times. Huhuhu. Miss our kiatz na talaga. Mwahzzzz… Hope to see you soon. Take care. ^_^

eLaise_xy©02/09/2004 7:52 pm
carolyn…well shes okay..tapos pareho mi mag sabaan…cge tabi maski naa exam..mao di nalang jd mi maguban ug study ky nah!magtabianay lng  mi…actually shes a real ate…u can ask for help…but!der is one thing i dont like about her…mura sya og mama! for god sakE!(char..di na bya atay ko expression huh?hehehhe)as in!!!! mangasaba na cya nga wala lang…but naa pud bya syay point..den sometimes makaingon ko that she hates the world coz the way sya mostorya…bsta!!!! tapos cya amo enkareger na magapiapil sa mga chou2 para daw naa change…bsta ui..kapoi storya..
dYuAn03/09/2004 5:50 pm
c carolyn ?she is my idol actually………nice,cute(liwat nako),and strong person.ate namo cya cya sa 2nd floor and she really help me a lot esp.wen it talks about project nga manginahanglan gyud ko mugamit ug computer.he he he.thanks for everything te carolyn…
eMmA ~ fRoSt03/27/2004 3:20 am
Carolyn, the lady that I assume sa una naming pagkikita akala ko nerd kasi naka glasses siya but when I totally get to know her she is as wacky as I have never expected, i pray to know you more. keep the fire in your burning with for Christ, continue your service. God Bless Always
Lester04/02/2004 11:12 pm
hmmm about carol…bago lng kami nagkakilala. nagkasama kc kami sa MSU-Marawi nood ng laro sa varsity team sa MSU-IIT hehehe! dli ko apil sa varsity sa volleyball oist pro apil ko sa club. hehehe! bitaw, si carol k kasama yan, a jolly gurl and also she can be a friend to carry anyone’s burden…oppppss iapil ang akoang problems be og dala! hehehe! bitaw, sa ala pa nkaila kng carolyn ok kau sya, den she has a broad mind that likes jean grey who read minds of anyone again joke3x..bitaw, always take care friend..
gaLTookieSan04/15/2004 3:54 am
CAROLYN …19 years of age, girlfriend of A to the R chiiling NEL. she’s been hounding me(not reli)for a testimonial, where here it is lyn..hope you won’t choke and all.HA! hhmm,to start off..way back in elementary years, she was a bit of an awkward gurl for me..she’d stand in a crowd with her lopsided smile and stare at other people.oh,when conversing with her?she’d be like glued to you…i don’t remember much of her in elem. but in hYskul?jeez, talk about her talkin!she’d be everywhere you are..talkin.she’s fun 2b with but sumtimes she can be pretty annoying.hmph.she can’t control herself,some secrets are best safe f u don’t tell 82 her,and she knows dat now i suppose,how cud she not?we’ve bin friends for years!!!1 thing 4sho,she’l be der4u wen ur n d dumps,she can help u lyk ders no tomorrow..she’s a great kid, i love her even tho she tells me pura na me face,even tho she’s annoying.NYA HA HA! carolyn?do i know her? –,
Iris Cindy04/16/2004 8:41 pm
luv ya. uhmwuah.. =) GOD BESS!!!
rolf ian04/16/2004 10:00 pm
oi! tnx ha…:) this gal’s rili friendly… 1st impressn ko sa knya..and i was ryt!;) i rili cant rmembr when mi ng-ila..sa 110 ryt?.. and she’s quite fun 2 be with.. and i find her cute pd.;) mdyo sbaan..hehe uy, me bf k na daw.. uyyy…!!!;) i-introduce pd imu fafa sa amu..hehe anyhow, im rili gona miz u guys.. mypag mg-nurse nlng pd mo!!!hehe tc! gud luck sa life!;) GOd BLEss! ciao…;)
JeReMy04/19/2004 12:14 am
loring!!!!! hahaha…. mura mig rum8 ani kay sa iya kong bed mohigda….. sa iyang room magtambay ug mokaon pud usahay.. daghan pud kaayo mig kabuang ani niya labaw na sa iyang mga laki…… sabayan na lang pud nako…….. luoy man pud……. hihihi….. loring!!!!!!! di magpalabi ha…… mura na pud ni siya naog mama, take note, dili ate kundi mama….. caring kaayo ni siya and really does take good care of your friendship… a very responsible citizen of the country and of the world… and ssooo God-fearing….. ug moingon kag service sa Ginoo kay masaligan jud nimu siya……..U God Bless you Loring……..U hahahahaha
Jackie04/20/2004 1:04 am
carolyn… hmmm… this girl?? grabe katabian… hehehe!!! miz yah na colyn!! classmate nako ni siya sa ubn subjcts… very friendly… malingaw jd ka tabi niya.. kahit ano pwede nyo pag-usapan… she’s an anime lover magkasinabot jud sila sa akong mga amigo… she’s a great badminton player… she’s alwayz there to encourage me in evrything… and she’s also there to pra mangasaba nako… grabe pd ni siya magtuon… “sabay” pd kau… basta… ok ni siya… take care car!!! Goodluck!!!!!
Irene05/01/2004 12:10 am
hi te car!! hehehe..ur nice and fun-to-be-w/ friend although we only met earlier.. she’s so madaldal as in grabe but she’s funny you know esp. when she talks about her silly luvlyf…hehehe all i can say is that God has given you the reason to live and nobody can’t ever block your plans…so move on ate/girl!!!… ;p
Danilyn05/12/2004 11:39 pm
c te carolyn…hmnn…nice, mabait, cute,mapagmahal at syempre matalino! love na love ko ang babaeng ito kasi talagang maaasahan sya sa anumang oras na kailangan mo sya…naging private nurse ko pa nga ito noong nagkasakit ako eh!heheheh..sobrang caring at loving din itong c te cocang…kaya siguradong sigurado ako na masuwerte talaga ang guy na makakapana ng kanyang puso!!!hehehe…oi te, hinay hinay lang sa pag-ibig…mahirap na ang masaktan…ayokong makita kang lumuluha na naman!heheheh..love you te!
shirly05/18/2004 4:01 am
one thing about this former classmate of mine is that, she’s very appreciative of things. she’s so generous, giving out kind words and thank yous (even for those things that aren’t supposed to be thanked about coz it’s really somebody’s responsibility).. and she’s not proud, you cud count on her to do an assigned tasks.. friendly,veryfriendly.. bungisngis even.. hehe.. and she still has lots of space inside that sensible head, waiting to be filled with wisdom.. so guys, don’t you go depositing gross things inside carlyn’s bank of knowledge ok.. let me do that for you… 🙂
Vince05/23/2004 4:59 am
Grabe ka pa cute aTe Ka!!!! hahahahaha!!! well si ate Carolyn ko to! hehehe! Ate ta ka ha?! I Done My FiRST DATE w/ her or shall I say nga first lunch date basta nangaon mi ato sa Resto kmi ra duha. hhehehe> at tinuroan nya ako kung pano i-treat ang Gurl bilang isang gentleman… Thanks ha! Marami ako natutunan sa yo. Ang bait bait talaga nito sa akin cguro younger brother niya ako. hehehehe! Thanks Sa Lahat ha… Di matatawaran talaga ang goodness mo sa akin…
jakathra06/10/2004 1:22 pm
carolyn!!! hmmmm sayang i only got the chance to know this lunatic during my last summer at IIT… sigh! mura na sila twins ni montserrat, sige kuyog, sige sad tisngi! murat! aha naman ka gi butang ni Lord! anhi na dinhi cebu oi! ayo ayo dinha mam! see you when i see you!
biboy07/08/2004 2:09 am

Hi there!!!!mzta?!sori if now lang ko katesti ha!!!!know wat ca im so flattered sa imu testi sa ako!!!!ning dako akong ulo ug samot! eheeheh…….folks c carolyn ni

cya….one of diators pride!! friendship sa boys sa fernandez bhaus….shes a sweet girl!hindi cya mahirap kaibiganin…….carolyn u rule!!!!!!!!!!!

jay08/04/2004 9:29 pm

colyn is a type of person na unpredictable..moody…sabi nila suplada.. pero i dont know y i do like colyn as a person. eto yun:

1-cguro na challenge ko sa iyaha

2-ok cya

3-la lang..ehehhehe

..i olweiz tell her na dili nya seryosohon kau ang trabaho sa kasama kai dali na makatiguwang..shes indeed one of my favorite kasama officer..i hope maging mas kloz pa mi..=)

Peter droh08/08/2004 4:47 am
i got to know this girl this sem lang..maayo ni cya mag badminton, kulata gud ko kadtong nagdula mi..hehe. she is also very friendly thats why na feeling nako dugay na mi kaila..hehe. Take care and God bless
Geraldine08/08/2004 6:47 am
colyn…full of strength..feeling ko sa kanya di napapagod..halos lahat ng responsibility aakuin nya..shes also a perfectionist..she almost wanted everything perfect..kaya pag sya ksama mo u must ware of wat ur doing!! i like her for being so strong at mabait..at first medyo aristokrata sya but wen u know her deeper..shes mabait at malambing higit sa lahat grabe ka generous..wchich is mainis ka dahil to the extend ngmumukha na syang tanga especially wen it comes to love..but anyway no bodys perfect..normal main love..dear tnxs for being good and nice to me..alwaz remember everyday is a challenge..so enjoy life and have fun!
Marivic08/11/2004 12:02 am
colyn?perfectionst yan, a gud and responcble leader…..for me k lng ang pgkaperfctionst yan nsa lugar nmn e! a helpng hand, anythng about math lapit ka lng sa knya tiyaga to da max mgtutor sayo, a generous person….. thnx nga pla 4 everythn cguro you dnt knw you r rily apreciated by me………..idol ka nga determinado kn tao.. ng 1 one youll be sucsful sumday!!!!!!yab u car!!!!
leo mark12/08/2004 9:55 pm

nakatesti ra jud ko!hehehe…she’s the person who’d just prefer to be in the background but always ready to support, console and do great things for her friends…she has this light countenance that is just enough for a backgrounder but is always available to lighten a nd simplify things brought about by people with extreme personalities and airheads like me. hehehehe….

hope to see u soon

gaLTookieSan02/13/2005 8:07 pm
Every person have their own ways of changing and evolving, but whatever and wherever life brings us… Let us remember where we came from and who we were with the times it seemed hard for us to bear the consequences of Life. Happy Valentines Day! it’s a bloody day..hell.

Ry02/24/2005 3:02 am

hmm i dont know how to testi about ate carolyn uy.. basta nagkaila lang mi ani tru text kay tipid man kay naka SUN hahahaha :-)) and 4 dat na ate na nako sya.. enjoy kakwentuhan eh! kwento ever about her luvlyf’s nyaks, saonz nalang uy la pa nya nakita ang knight in shining armor nya, pareha lagi sa akoa para dili ka mag-alingasa nyayaya (joke).. i enjoyed the company of ate Colyn (colyn man daw sya), hope to see you in person chang! Ingat u always.. and God Bless!!

gaLTookieSan02/28/2005 5:14 am
see? does she look like the Carolyn you knew in highschool? grabe na kachix karon ba..hehe. keep up the appearance, you look lovely. dear ingatz ka palagi ha..love you. thank you sa memories, naa pa unta daghan…mwah!

keiichi03/02/2005 3:17 am

hi CoLyn! =)

hmmmm…i would say that she is approachable…cya ang moduol sa tao..hehehe friendly man gud…nyahahahaha cge ug complement…pero palaway sometimes….hehehe =) jke wat pa man? … soon inig naa na pud ko masulti… =)


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