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[#Lyna4u Proposal] Running Man ~~~ A..Maze…ing Race

I’m a BIG fan of Running Man. I started watching it since Yonghwa started guesting on the show. I’m a BIG fan of CNBLUE since their debut. So, I watched all the member’s guesting as well as the episodes where Big Bang, 2NE1, and my favorite actors / actress are guests. But, it all started out with Yonghwa’s guesting… Episode 7, Episode 17, … and the recent with all CNBLUE members is Episode 186. Then, I decided to watch the whole show starting from Episode 1. ^^ I still have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve been watching episodes here and there so I can’t say I’ve watched all the episodes… but I will.

When I love a show, the first thing I will think is how amazing the writers and the people behind it. I’m giving two thumbs up and around of applause with standing ovation to the production team of Running Man. It’s a show which I recommend as stress reliever. Since stress is becoming part of everyone’s lives especially those who got so much in their hands, heads and hearts.

And once, I got addicted, I usually start thinking of how I can contribute… and one of my wishes is to become part of the show… not literally as a cast or guests. My respiration is not that good. But, I would love to challenge myself. ^^,

Thus, I made this proposal. Did you notice that though Running Man is a variety show and not filled with scripts… it contains a story or theme? Which makes the show MORE interesting. The casts are very interesting already. The games especially the mechanics and how it is played is very enticing to the point that I sometimes tried playing the game too. Is there any Running Man fan out there who didn’t try playing the game after watching it? Who gets curious if those games are possible to play? All in all, the show is so interesting and amazing.

I’ve been thinking of a lot of games which can possibly be played in Running Man. But, what pushes me to write it, is the episode which is conceptualized by Irene Tam. I envy her so much! Seeing the whole running man casts and being with them… is a dream come true for a fan. Please read my proposal below and let me know what are your thoughts about it. And will you help me make my dream come true too? 🙂


A..Maze…ing Race

The search for the Amazing Running Man

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